5 + 1 Reasons To Charter A Yacht in Greece



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The Weather

Everyone knows Greece has a perfect weather. With more that 250 days of sunshine, Greece has a long sailing season from March to October.

The hottest months, June and July are also the busiest. However, many people choose to sail the rest of the sailing season since they prefer to have more peaceful vacations.




Island Hopping

In sailing we use the term “island hopping” to express sailing from an island to another every day.

Greek islands have short distance between them especially the Cyclades Islands and the Saronic gulf, making them the perfect location for “island hopping”





 In a yacht charter, you have the complete freedom to choose exactly the itinerary you want to follow.

Meaning you select the islands you would like to visit and how much time you want to spend on each one unlike booking a hotel where you have to spend your vacations in one place.





History and Mythology

Greece is called the cradle of Western civilization. Every Greek island has its own history, templates and museums to visit.

So the ideal way to learn a lot about Ancient Greece and Mythology is by chartering a yacht.



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Greece is famous for the intense nightlife it offers. Every summer, all the famous dj’s from all over the world visit the Greek islands to perform.

The most famous ones are Mykonos, Ios and Paros in the Cyclades Islands.






Greece offers a delicious Mediterranean Cuisine which is not only flavorful but its one of the healthiest as well. Every Greek island has its own traditional foods to offer.
Whether you want excellent and refreshing appetizers like dolmades, delectable main dishes like moussaka, or delectable sweets like baklava.


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